Revisiting the Free Masterclass: Building your Digital Presence through COVID-19

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Did you miss out on our Free Digital Masterclass on how to Build your Digital Presence through COVID-19? Here we’ll go over the main points of the Masterclass so that you can find some tools and tips that you can implement in your own business.

Watch the webinar below or visit the video on youtube by clicking here.

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for coming. I see a few familiar faces around right now which is very cool.

All right, I’m just gonna get started. Thank you everyone so much for coming. I really, really appreciate it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and this seems like the perfect time and opportunity to do it. Luckily, Elena and Kon are both incredible, very like-minded, awesome individuals and wanted to be involved.

So, just to introduce everyone a little bit for anyone who doesn’t know, I am the founder of Clever Fox Creative. We do web design and development and a bit of web strategy as well. Elena is also going to be talking, who is the founder of Social Punch. She does social media strategy, and management. And then Kon Antoniou from Rise Digital Media who’s a bit of a Google specialist. He does SEO, SEM and all things of that nature.

Slide introducing Terri from Clever Fox Creative, Elena from Social Punch and Kon Antoniou from Rise Digital Media

But we can go a little bit more into detail about who we are, when we get to our slots.

One of the prime reasons I wanted to create this today was to bounce around ideas, with three people in different digital industries, around how we can better help each other and our businesses not just survive for the next six months, or however long COVID-19 goes on for, but the foreseeable future as well, and how we can start taking action today.

During the whole session, what we’re planning on doing is creating a bit of an open space with people where we can all introduce ourselves. We can have a bit of a chat; we can ask questions and things like that.

If anyone has any questions as we’re going along, just make sure you chuck it in there. And then when it gets to the question time, we’re gonna go from the top down, and we’ll just keep going from there. So first of all, why don’t we all take a second and let everyone know who they are?

If everyone can get in the comments and say: what your business name is, if you’ve got a business website chuck that in there as well, and what your core services are. That way everyone can go through the comments a bit later and support each other.

So just to give you a little bit of background about who I am, I run a small web design and development business. We’re just in Hyde Park in Unley, and we work with a range of different clients ranging from e-commerce to small businesses to larger websites, a massive range of different sorts with different strategies.

Some of our core services are graphic design, web design and development and web strategy. We’re also planning to do some online workshops and some online courses. Maybe with a bit of collaboration with some more people again, to get a bit of a rounded skill set. I’m really excited about this and that’s a way that we’re trying to adapt in these crazy times.

I just wanted to mention as well. I’m also a small business owner and I really love what I do. Part of the reason I wanted to do this is because, like everyone else, I know that it’s a really big time for anxiety and stress at the moment. And I’m really feeling that as well, because I have some clients who have had to just completely pull the plug, some clients who unfortunately had to go out of business, and some who have lost their jobs as well. We’re feeling the pinch as well and so being able to create this space where we can have a chat, and kind of lift each other up is really what I wanted to create today.

So, we’re going to go over:

  • The business fundamentals
    I think honestly, it’s really important to be talking about this stuff while we’re in isolation and we have a little bit of extra time on our sleeves. We can really go back to why are we even doing this in the first place, which I know some people are probably thinking that sometimes in a negative light at the moment, because of what’s going on. But let’s get back to the core of our purpose and why did we even start this business, what are we passionate about that made us want to get started and start doing this to begin with.
  • Innovating and pivoting your business and how we can do that online
  • Some tools that you can use, which are free tools to implement on your own website, or just using general that might help do some of your business as well.
  • Building trust and value for your clients.
    One of the ways I do that is through free value content. So, I’m going to be going a little bit more into that.
  • And last thing I’ll talk about is just passing it forward and helping everyone and trying to support everyone at the moment.

All right, this is a post-it note that I wrote the other day while I was listening to a great podcast called Mind Over Matter. If you haven’t heard it yet, get on it. It’s actually one of my client’s podcast. If we all support each other, we all have each other’s backs, we’re going to get through this.

We just got to remember that there is an end to this. This is not forever.

Let’s get down back to basics for a second. Something that I was surprised to find out when I’ve done public speaking before, is that often people haven’t actually defined what their purpose or their mission is, even if they’ve been in business for 10+ years. Or, if they have been in business for 10 years, and they have defined those things, they haven’t revisited them in a really long time. This is the perfect time when we’re re-evaluating why we’re in business and how this relates to our lives, while things might be a bit quieter. Now is the time we can better define our purpose moving forward, and we can set some really good long term goals off of that.

Slide for Defining your Vision and Why you should

The reason why you would want to define your vision is to provide clarity, not just for you as a business owner, but for your team. If they know where you’re going, they can see that vision, and that creates further alignment. Having those defined, achievable goals for your business is going to give that direction. It’s also going to help to grow your team to work towards your mission with you. If they know where you’re going, they’re more motivated to help. It inspires and attracts better team members, better clients, creates a better community of people inspired around you simply because they can see what you’re trying to create. And this is something that is actually really important for long term success.

I’ve been running the business for about six years, and up until about two years ago, I was kind of like chugging along the line with little growth. Then, I really got deep into this when I went to a 3 day business development course. We delved deep into business development and I didn’t realise how much clarity I was missing by defining these for myself and my business. The amount of goals that we’ve achieved since just doing that one thing and actually knowing where we’re going is insane and has been really, really beneficial. So, I think it’s very important to get back into it, especially now while we have a moment to regroup our priorities.

So, let’s talk about purpose for a second. Your purpose is your business’s reasons to exist, the greater reason, the absolute end goal. As an example, you purpose might be to help business owners succeed through a structured, supportive community. That’s the big goal. The big picture.  It is not so much delving down into the specifics like making $30,000 extra a year. It should connect to you as a business owner as well as you personally because those things aren’t separate. We often try and separate these too much, but it’s not really separate because you wouldn’t be creating a business to begin with if it wasn’t something that you personally wanted to do.

Slide about What is Your Business Mission

Your mission is the next stage down and is delving a bit deeper. We’re going to go into the next 5 to 10 years: what does that look like, what goals are we going to set for that. It can be a ridiculous goal. I don’t think having a ridiculous goal is necessarily a bad thing. Go a little bit unrealistic if you want to but if you can, make it measurable. Everyone’s heard of smart goals,, right? Making a measurable goal where you can say “I want to have reached this amount of people, I want to help this amount of people. I want to make this amount of money in the next 10 years.” and so on. Personally and in my own business, we try and measure our business’s impact. Our vision is a little bit more generalised, but our mission is to create inspired and empowered communities. Changing the world by helping as many people as we can is our mission.

Slide about Delving Deeper into your Businesses Core Values

Now let’s redefine your core values. This is something that people get a little bit stuck on sometimes. What they should really be is the guiding principles of your business. It’s not something that is an aspiration. I should be something that we are, that we breathe, and that we live our daily in our business. They should be tied down to behaviours that represent these values.

As an example, a common value that people might have is compassion, for instance, which is one of ours. When I define compassion, I define that as  certain behaviours such as:

  • We don’t look away when things are uncomfortable.
  • If we have a client who’s struggling, we don’t look away from that.
  • We treat our other people with understanding
  • We’re willing to go into the vulnerable space where we talk about how we’re really feeling and what’s affecting us.

So that’s one value defined into individual behaviours so that you can better define how you and your team are going to act. It’s important to sit down and define these with your team as well, not just yourself. Things like that gives yourself and your team a better sense of purpose. It’s more likely going to help them propel your business forward, and it really creates, ultimately, the culture that helps you succeed.

So that’s the main reasons why I think those are really important. The reason I wanted to go into this is because over the next 6 months, if we continue being in lockdown, we can take the time to define 5-10 year goal, and based on that we can then work backwards to make these actionable tasks.

So let’s say in 10 years you have a defined goal from working on your mission and purpose. Let’s next define:

  • What do you actually have to achieve in order to get there –  step by step?
  • What are the small things I can do every day?
  • Let’s break those down into priorities. What are the most important things that we need to achieve over the next 10 years?
  • Break that down into what you can do yearly to get the that level
  • Then, what of those yearly goals can you further break down into quarterly actionable items
  • Out of those quarterly actionable items, let’s break those down into monthly actionable tasks
  • Then let’s break that down into daily tasks so that every single day you are working towards your core mission, and towards your ultimate purpose.

You can see it laid out rather than having this great big grandiose idea that doesn’t seem realistic. By not breaking it down, this just makes it seem really overwhelming.

Defining these tasks and breaking them down really builds momentum because you’re actually doing something every day. You’re not just waiting and waiting for your dreams to happen. You can plan forever but if you’re not taking action on them then you’re not going to get where you want to be.

So, my tip is to find an accountability buddy. Find someone that you know that’s going to hold you accountable to doing those things. This could be your whole team like it is for us. We have a daily hustle and a monthly hustle where we work on these tasks so we always know where we’re heading. Having someone that’s going to help you achieve those things every day and check in with you is really, really beneficial.


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