Rosie & Rosie

As a boutique real estate agency, Rosie & Rosie is changing the way we see real estate through property investment planning and stand-out property management. With a philosophy based on the empowerment of his clients, we knew straight away we were a great fit.
The Who

Rosie & Rosie is the brainchild of brother and sister duo Matthew and Kate Rosie.

Inspired by our late father Greg, Rosie & Rosie seeks to deliver a professional and personal approach to property investment.

When Matt Rosie came to us with a vision of a new website that would showcase the stylised design of his branding and be used as a lead generating tool for business, we were excited to get started.

The Requirements

As a relatively new business, Matt had been running a Squarespace website he’d built himself that had worked for him for the first part of his business but was now hindering the businesses growth.

He needed a website that would help to generate new business and take his level to the next level. He wanted something that was sleek and stylish while also being highly professional. His brand was very particular and unique, and he had a great vision of what he wanted to produce.

Matt also wanted to start becoming a known figure in the community for his wealth of knowledge in property investment, and wanted to partner together to create content to go out to his audience and create a community based around his passions.

The Solution

Together we went through many stages with Matt that has lead him to where his business is today. We started with a new website which would showcase his services and unique approach to real estate. Together we created a website that spoke his brand and unique business story and then over the years improved it to generate interest and leads in new areas of his business.

We have also worked with Matt from Rosie & Rosie to produce blog content, email marketing and have recorded, filmed and produced podcasts with him (in the founder living room, no less). As well as being a tonne of fun, the combination of creating meaningful, interesting content and then promoting this online through social media, emails and his website helped Rosie & Rosie get to the next stage of his business.

The Now

We still work with Matt frequently now to update his website to improve his leads and generate more interest in his services. 

Since producing his content, we’ve now handed Matt the reigns with training and he’s taken total control over his social media & marketing which is awesome to see.

Since working together, Terri (our Founder) and Matt are great mates, go to a Business Networking group together and love catching up over the latest craft beer release. Enough about friendships, go check out his website!