My Virtual CIO

A passionate and honest small business owner is in need of an update to his online presence with a new design that reflects his innovation and expertise.
The Who

Damien Hartwell is a small business owner doing great things in the world of IT. Working as an independent consultant on all things business technology, he helps businesses find opportunities to save money and create efficiencies. He does this by finding the BEST solutions, rather than trying to sell packages and products from suppliers. His unbias expertise delivers results in the best interests of his clients.

The Requirements

Damien had started his business My Virtual CIO within less than a year before coming to us for help. He had whipped up a website himself using the tools provided by his chosen web host. As his business grew, Damien realised he needed something that truly represented his business and values. He wasn’t after anything crazy and out there, just a refresh of what he had with professional design input and designed with his ideas and goals in mind. Damien also wanted to be able to make updates to his blog and actively keep his website up to date.

The Solution

We sat down with Damien and dug deep into his business, purpose, values, goals, target market and all things design and inspiration. With all that in mind, we whipped up his new website design using his existing content in new ways to improve aesthetics and user experience.

We also provided him with some 1 on 1 training and tutorial videos on the website backend to familiarise him with his new site. We worked out what his future plans were for the website and showed him how to do the things he needed to.

The Now

Since we completed his website, Damien now has full control and writes new blog posts and makes updates as he pleases.