Janeen Brian

From coffees in the garden, to dog pats and mosaic creation – this partnership was founded on a love for all things creative, inclusiveness and passion.
The Who

Janeen Brian is an outstanding children’s book author who has been writing children’s books full time since 1990. Her books range from picture books, short fiction, novels, poetry and non-fiction. Many have won awards and been translated and distributed worldwide. Over 200 poems and stories have been published in children’s magazines and have appeared in over a dozen anthologies. 

The Requirements

Starting with a chat in Janeens garden surrounded by her beautiful mosaic art and her border collie, our founder Terri and Janeen knew they wanted to work together straight away. With a passion for the creative and inclusive design & ideas, Janeens vision was to have an accessible-to-all website that would bright, colourful showcase her passion and work in the best way possible. Her existing website was quite dark, really hard to read and wasn’t disability or mobile friendly which didn’t suit the spirit of Janeen at all.

The Solution

Together we dived into Janeen’s design aesthetic, what drives her creatively and what she really wanted to convey to her readers in a way that would not only showcase her books but also help students learn from her extensive experience in writing. Together we create a series of beautiful pastel line-art illustration which would influence the design of the whole website and draw in a bright and colourful feel that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The website was created with disabilities in mind and we implemented accessible features such as font size toggles, contrast toggles and used strong colours and font sizes across the board for readability of all types of humans. Janeen was thrilled with the end result and even further down the line now receives compliments on her website from readers, to publishers, to fans alike.

The Now

After working together on this amazing project, Janeen is still very much involved in our lives. We completed some training with her so that she could finally take control over her own website (she was previously paying someone to update it for her). We’ve popped into her mosaic yard sales and have one of her beautiful pieces hanging on our wall. After such a great experience together, we’re now working on another website together for her mosaic art. Which (by the way) is a great excuse to pop around for dog-pats. Enough about us, go check out her amazing books and see for yourself.