I Am Worthmore

With a shared passion for mental wellness and mental health advocacy, it was an enormous honour to work together with Luke Mclean of I Am Worthmore on creating a platform for changing the way we see mental health in Australia.
The Who

Meet Luke Mclean. A motivational speaker and advocate for mental health and wellbeing. Luke founded I Am Worthmore to provide mental health education around Australia at schools, workplaces and sporting clubs. He talks about his own lived experiences with mental illness, educates and provides resources and support for many Australians. We met Luke at the Beyond Blue Gala Ball which he had organised as a fundraiser for the Non-for-Profit before ‘I Am Worthmore’ was a fully formed idea. We organise coffee and immediately felt inspired by his vision and the rest is history.

The Requirements

As a new non for profit, Luke needed a full branding done that would be inspiring, uplifting and bright. Luke also needed a website to provide information on programs, receive  donations and other support from the community and provide resources for people to get help.

The Solution

Using what we knew about Lukes values and vision for I Am Worthmore, we created a brand that represented hope and growth. We used bright colours to reflect the positive nature of his work. Using this new branding, we created a website that would be utilised to educate and uplift the community by opening up the conversation around Mental Health in Australia. The website included an easy to use crowd-funding platform, donation platform and created a platform where Luke could post lived experiences of others in the community to open up the conversation. Since launch we’ve also added on an online store to the website to raise funds through the sale of merchandise and have continued to support Luke on the growth of his non for profit.

The Now

We’ve worked with Luke for years now and is one of our absolute favourite clients. We have regular brainstorming catch-ups and have continued to work on the growth of his charity over the years. We’re heavily involved in all of Luke’s ventures including going to fundraising events with him. We’re now working with Luke on a new stage of his live for a new business called ‘Mind Over Matter’ which provides Mental Health First Aid Training for workplaces, as well as his personal brand for public speaking labelled just ‘Luke Mclean’.