Chiropractic on Winston

Two incredible people decided to start up their own Chiropractic & Remedial Massage practice, but where to start? They knew their style, their values & their vision for the business, and what came next turned into a partnership you only dream about.
The Who

Meet Loukia & Philip, the amazing husband and wife trio who decided to go out intobusiness together. Loukia is a Chiropractor and Philip is a Remedial Massage Theraist. Together they now run their own business in the heart of Melrose Park, focusing on a natural and holistic approach to health. You’ll often find them drinking the best coffee just up the road (at The Middle Store), watering their (many) indoor plants or chatting with locals.

The Requirements

As a start-up, brand new business they had an idea of what they needed but weren’t sure how to get there. Going into business on their own, they were really looking for a partner who would work with them to get them set up in the right way. They wanted someone who would understand their unique style & angle to their business and wasn’t going to go with the stock-standard. Loukia & Philip needed a complete brand to be designed, business cards, social media templating and a new website to generate leads and interest and that’s how they found us!

The Solution

When we first caught up with Loukia & Philip, we got on like a house on fire. We could immediately see their vision and we built onto each others excitement. Once we started working together we created for them a brand that was all about what their values were: natural, authentic, outside of the box, raw, community focus and non-literal. We moodboarded the aesthetic of the business and used this to create a brand that truly represented them and their business while moving away from the typical chiropractic branded look of spines. Based on this we created a library of images that breathed their branding that they could use in any of their marketing and used this to create their website which is smooth, sophisticated and most importantly shows their community and nature-inspired focus.

The Now

After working together for the months over the journey from building their brand, to writing their content, to creating their marketing materials into creating their website our relationship has blossomed into a truely meaningful friendship. Did we mentioned our founder Terri was invited to their wedding shortly after the launch of their website? That’s what the youth would call #blessed, right? Now, months later, we still love popping in for a coffee and a chat. We’re also regular clients of theirs because their service & passion for their work is truly awesome. Don’t let us go on about ourselves anymore and feel free to check out their website.