Our mission is to change lives through creative design, giving back & empowerment

We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your consumers. Our approach is simple and iterative.


We're Clever Fox Creative

Over the course of 5 years Clever Fox Creative, which started as a solo operation in the dark and dank second bedroom of a highway-side flat is now a team with a multitude of collaborative partners and clients nation-wide.

Our history hasn’t always been easy, but learning from all of the things we’ve overcome over the years is what has mold us into the skilled and resilient bunch that we are.

It only takes a quick step back in time to realise how far we have come and how far we can go.

Beautiful Graphic Design & Branding

From logo design, to full scale branding packages, to flyers & everything in between. We know how to set your business apart from your competitors and make you leaders in your market. We create beautiful, unique and eyecatching designs that will bring your branding to life.

Custom Website Design & Development

We’re not just designers, we’re developers and we have the high-end design skills, programming knowledge and marketing know-how to turn your website into not just a beautiful, engaging experience but also a money making machine.

DIY Branding, Marketing & Website Workshops

We know how hard it is to start your business from scratch, both in cost and learning curve. We host in-depth workshops on a range of topics to help you launch an online presence that’ll take you places!


Paying it forward. Empowering our clients. Working with change-makers. Giving back to our community. Happy hour with board games on Fridays.​

Meet The Team.

Terri Williams

Copywriting & Communications

Boardgame Lover
Animal & Social Rights Activism
Crossword champion

Nick Timms

Web Designer & Developer

Can't stop snacking
Never Loses Mario Kart
Self-Appointed Office DJ

Brett Leggett

Marketing Consultant

Plays Lead Guitar in a Metal Band
Tempranillo Guzzler